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Bid Key Powerpeak Multiplex

Bid Key Powerpeak Multiplex

BID key (Battery IDentification System). Safe and easy handling and storage of the most important battery data in the robbe-BID system. Simply insert the BID-KEY into the charger and the charging process begins.BID-KEY (Battery-IDentifications-System). Utilizzo semplice e sicuro delle batterie e memorizzazione dei loro parametri più importanti nel sistem robbe BID.Basta collegare semplicemente il sistema BID al caricabatteria ed avviare la ricarica.Since the discovery of the lithium batteries, the number of different types of batteries is growing almost every day. Yesterday the batteries were still Lithium-Ions with 3.6 volts, today the polymeric Lithium-Ions and Lithium-Ions with 3.7 volts, to which the Lithium-Ferrum cells with 3.3 volts and the Lithium-Phosphorus cells follow with 3.6 volts.With so many cell types and cut-off voltages at the end of a charge, who can tell? You soon lose the overview, forget to set a parameter or, in the worst case, choose the wrong setting. The revolutionary BID system from robbe offers a brilliant solution to this problem. The revolutionary BID system from robbe offers an ingenious solution to this problem. With the small BID key, all important charging parameters can be saved and assigned to the battery. For charging and discharging, the battery is connected to a BID universal charger. The BID system prescribes the correct parameters to the charger.Handling is the same as with a USB stick.Simply plug the BID stick into the charger and the charging process starts.No laborious searching for the tuning parameters in the menuMaximum protection against operating errorsSave the most important characteristics of the battery on the BID stickIn the BID stick, the battery always carries its data with itBID charging parameters: type of battery, number of cells, battery capacity, charging current, date of first use.BID memory: currently charged/discharged capacity, maximum charged/discharged capacity, number of cycles
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