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Balsa, composite, glue... find here all the materials for your RC model project




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Thick cyano glue 20g YUKI Model
Balsa plank 40/10 (ep. 4.00mm) 10x100cm AERONAUT
Balsa wood stick 5x5mm AIR LOISIRS
Balsa board 25/10 (ep. 2.50mm) 10x100cm AERONAUT
Balsa board 50/10 (ep. 5.00mm) 10x100cm AERONAUT
Balsa board 10/10 (ep. 1.00mm) 10x100cm AERONAUT
Board balsa 20/10 (ep. 2.00mm) 10x100cm AERONAUT
Cyano thick glue 20g GLUM
Balsa board 30/10 (ep. 3.00mm) 10x100cm AERONAUT
Lead ballast 3x60g (breakable by 5gr)
Bord de fuite BALSA 5x20
Balsa wood rod 2x7mm
Balsa wood rod 6x6mm AERONAUT
Beech log Ø4mm L:0.9m AIR LOISIRS
PIN Wand 5x20mn
Balsa wood stick 3x3mm AIR LOISIRS
Pine Rod 5x8mm
Cyano Glue Activator 200ml Big Difference
Liquid cyano glue 20g KAVAN
Bord de fuite BALSA 8x40
Wooden spatula R&G 250 x 15 x 3 mm (10pcs)
Carbon rod Ø 2mm x 1000mm R&G
Liquid cyano glue 20g YUKI Model
Piano wire CAP 1,0mm
Piano wire CAP 1,5mm
Balsa wood stick 12x12mn AIRLOISIRS
Balsa wood stick 7x7mn AIRLOISIRS
Beech log Ø3mm L:1m AIR LOISIRS
Balsa wood rod 10x10mm AIR LOISIRS
Medium cyano glue 20g YUKI Model
Cyano Depron Glue 20g KAVAN
Medium cyano glue 20g KAVAN
Beech log Ø8mm L:1m AIR LOISIRS
Carbon rod Ø 1mm x 1000mm R&G
Zacki 2 ELAPOR cyano glue 20g bottle - ELAPOR special
Piano wire CAP 2,0mm
Baguette PIN 5x8
Liquid Cyano Glue 20g GLUM
Interlining iron with thermostat and LED Prolux
Pultruded carbon tube Ø6x4x1000mm R&G
Cyano Speed Glue Typ1 liquid 20g ROBBE
Balsa wood rod 2x5mm AIR LOISIRS
UHU POR glue tube 40gr
20ml R&G syringe for epoxy resin dosage
YUKI Model 20g thick cyano glue long life
Cyano Speed thick glue 20g ROBBE
Medium Cyano Glue 20g GLUM
Pine Rod 2x3mm
Bord d'attaque BALSA 5x8
Baguette BALSA 15x20
Activator for cyano glue 200ml Yuki
Carbon plate 3.0 x 1.0 x 1000 mm R&G
DPP carbon tube Ø3x2x1000mm R&G
Balsa wood stick 5x15mm AIR LOISIRS
Activator for cyano glue 150ml Robbe
Piano wire CAP 0,35mm
Leading edge balsa 9x10mm, length 1m
Glue cyano styro 20g
DPP carbon ring Ø 0,5mm x 1000mmR&G
Cyano Depron Glue 20ml Robbe