F3K Iago 1m fluorescent yellow High Quality
  • F3K Iago 1m fluorescent yellow High Quality
  • F3K Iago 1m fluorescent yellow High Quality

F3K Iago 1m fluorescent yellow High Quality

Beautiful IAGO hand-launched glider in 1m, ideal for discovering the activity, easier to transport than a 1m50 version.the model is manufactured by HQ Composites at a very high level. The quality of the parts is excellent. The cut and finish are superb. You have to see the glider to really appreciate the beauty and shine of the surfaces.
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The model is fully molded in carbon. The fuselage is a very nice design with a nose cone opening, for easy access and a solid nose.

The wing is beautifully molded in expanded carbon with a solid center construction and a very good surface finish. The aerodynamics of the wing are based on Gerald Taylor's Synergy airfoil family, modified to work with the lower wing cores of this high aspect ratio design.

The comprehensive accessory bag includes a heavy-duty launch peg, all horns, torsion springs for the tailplanes, a control cable and two servo plates, for four KST X08 or four MKS DS75K or HV75K servos.
It is also possible to install Blue Bird BMS 101 servos

Recommended travel and centering

  • C of G: 54-56mm from the leading edge
  • Recommended vertical stabilizer travel: +/- 10mm
  • Recommended elevator travel: +/- 8mm
  • Recommended aileron travel: 6mm up / 5mm down
  • Aileron position at launch 0.5mm up / Transition 0mm / Thermal 1-2mm down

Weight measurement

Wing: 52.6 gr
Fuselage: 19.4 gr
Stab: 3.6 gr
Drift: 4.0 gr
Peg: 1.2 gr
Servo plates (x2): 1.5gr
Miscellaneous: 3.1 gr

  • Span in meters : 1,00
  • Type of aircraft kit : Kit to equip
  • Material : Fiber / Composite