Avatar F5J approx.3.40m Art Hobby (flaps & AF)
  • Avatar F5J approx.3.40m Art Hobby (flaps & AF)
  • Avatar F5J approx.3.40m Art Hobby (flaps & AF)

Avatar F5J approx.3.40m Art Hobby (flaps & AF)

The Art Hobby Avatar is a motorglider designed for LMR (Limited Motor Run) competition.the wing has a modified SD7080 airfoil, which gives it a wide speed range and excellent performance in thermal flight. The fuselage is made of glass fiber reinforced carbon. The wing, which can be dismantled into two parts, is made of poplar foam. It is equipped with ailerons and spoilers, useful for shorter landings.the elevator can also be removed for transport by unscrewing two screws.
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Technical specifications

* Details in pictures

Art Hobby AvatarArt Hobby Avatar

Art Hobby AvatarArt Hobby Avatar

* Specifications

  • Span: 3400mm
  • Length : 1490mm
  • Wing area: 55.44dm²
  • Wing loading: 29.8g/dm²
  • Wing profile : SD7080 mod.
  • Weight in flight: about 1650g
  • RC functions : rudder (1x servo), elevator (1x servo), ailerons (2x servos), spoilers (2x servos), motor

Required elements

  • 2x HS-85MG or HS-5085MG servos (ailerons)
  • 4x HS-65MG or HS-5065MG (elevator, fin, spoilers)
  • Extension cables or servo wires for the wings
  • 1 brushless controller 60A with BEC 3A minimum.
  • 1 set of motor, connectors and blades
  • 1x LiPo 3S 11.1V 2200mAh battery
  • 1x LiPo compatible charger
  • 1x radio control/receiver set 5 channels or more

Kit contents

  • Fuselage, wing, tailplane
  • All small accessories needed for assembly
  • Plans
  • Instructions
  • Span in meters : 3,40
  • Type of aircraft kit : Kit to build
  • Material : Fiber / Composite