Swift S-1 approx. 2.4m ARF red
  • Swift S-1 approx. 2.4m ARF red
  • Swift S-1 approx. 2.4m ARF red

Swift S-1 approx. 2.4m ARF red

99% scale model (2400 mm wingspan) of a high performance Polish aerobatic glider made of carbon reinforced extruded polyolefin (EPO), suitable for thermal and slope flying. KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor, 11x8" folding propeller, R-50SB ESC and 4 micro servos installed. Control of ailerons, elevator, rudder and throttle. For 4S LiPo 2200-2700 mAh (at least 30C).

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The carefully carbon-reinforced EPO foam fuselage comes with the KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor, an 11x8" folding propeller and a KAVAR R-50SB ESC with a powerful SBEC switchable stabilizer needed to power the 4 high torque servos on board. The removable canopy is secured by a magnetic lock. The cockpit compartment offers plenty of room for your receiver and flight pack. The elevator and rudder servos are installed in the aileron.

The two-piece EPO wing is reinforced with two carbon spars; the spar ends are inserted into aluminum joints in the fuselage. The wing halves are attached by a nylon bolt. The ailerons (reinforced by carbon tubes) are controlled by two servos installed in the wing and operated by short push rods.

The EPO horizontal tail (reinforced with carbon tubes) is detachable and attached to the fuselage by two bolts for easy transport/storage.

The Swift S-1 is powered by the KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor with the KAVAN R-50SB 50A controller.

You will need a 14.8 V 2200-2700 mAh flight pack (at least 30C) to fly your Swift S-1.
You will need a 4 channel RC radio to control your Swift S-1; even a radio without a computer will work as the aileron servos are controlled by a single channel (connected by a Y cable). A computer radio with at least 6 channels will work better; independent control of the aileron servos and mixing of the airbrakes (by extending the ailerons upwards simultaneously) will help you get the most out of your Swift S-1. Fortunately, even entry-level/budget radios such as Radiolink AT9S or AT10II, Futaba T6K or T10J have all the necessary mixes available today. In this case you will have to replace the Y-cable of the ailerons installed in the kith with two 15-30 cm extensions. The instruction manual contains a thoroughly tested assembly chart to help you easily set up the Swift S-1.

ARTF set contents: EPO fuselage with brushless motor, 50A ESC, 11x8" folding propeller and 2 installed servos, EPO wing with 2 installed servos, EPO horizontal tail and instruction manual.


  • Wingspan [mm] 2405
  • Length [mm] 1300
  • Weight [g] 2000 - 2050
  • Wing area [dm2] 45
  • Controlled functions S,V,K(2),M
  • Difficulty of construction S0,S1
  • Difficulty of operation P2

  • Span in meters : 2,40
  • Type of aircraft kit : Plug and Play (PNP)
  • Material : Foam / EPP / Elapor