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Radio DX6e (V2) Spektrum DSMX 2,4GHz - Transmitter only

Radio DX6e (V2) Spektrum DSMX 2,4GHz - Transmitter only

Being on a budget doesn't mean you can't have the best. The Spektrum DX6e gives you the incredible response of DSMX technology, the simplicity of AirWare programming software, and many other features you won't find with equivalent budget transmitters.Programmable features for airplanes, helicopters, gliders, and drones The DX6e is equipped with the programming to fly almost any model. And because it's based on the same software as most Spektrum transmitters, you can share model settings with other Spektrum users.Wireless training only, the DX6e does not have a training plug (does not work with simulator).
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7 wing configurations: Normal, Dual Ailerons, Flaperons, 1 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Ailerons 1 Flap, Elevon A, Elevon B
6 tail configurations: Normal, V-A, V-B, Double Depth, Double Drift, Double Drift/Depth
Flap system with elevator trim
3 Flight Modes
Double-Deflat and Expo
7-Point Throttle Curve
3 Pre-Programmed Mixes - Drift>Ailerons/Elevons , Ailerons>Drift, Depth>Drift
4 Programmable Mixes - Normal or Curve Setting


7-point throttle curve
7-point pitch curve
7-point tail curve
7 swashplate configurations Normal, 3 Servos 120º, 3 Servos 135º, 3 Servos 140º, 3 Servos 90º, 4 Servos 90º, 2 Servos 180º
3 flight modes + throttle hold
Double deflection and Expo
Swashplate shift and Cyclic/Gyro mix
4 programmable mixes - Normal or curve setting


4 wing configurations: 1 Aileron, 2 Ailerons, 2 Ailerons 1 Flap, 2 Ailerons 2 Flaps
3 tail configurations: Normal, V-A, V-B
Flap timing and elevator trim
Predefined curvature
5 Flight modes
Double-Deflection and Expo
4 Pre-programmed mixes: Ailerons>Drift, Ailerons>Flaps, Depth>Flaps, Flaps>Depth
4 programmable mixes - Normal or curve setting


Drone controls: Alt (Altitude), Rol (Roll), Pit (Pitch) and Yaw
Checks, alerts for drone
Simplified flight mode settings and switch assignments

250 memorizable models

The DX6e has exceptional storage capacity, so you'll rarely if ever need to juggle your transmitter and SD card. The model memory menu is even easier to use. Only the slots with a saved model setting will appear on the screen. No need to navigate through empty slots or move models if you delete one.

Built-in telemetry

Built-in telemetry gives you real-time information such as your model's battery level, signal quality, engine temperature, speed, altitude and more*. You can set alerts to notify you when you are approaching or exceeding your set limits.

*Requires telemetry sensors and a telemetry-compatible receiver.

Wireless training only!

Wireless training allows instructors to connect wirelessly to another DSM2/DSMX transmitter. Once the DX6e is paired to another transmitter, ModelMatch technology allows reconnection to the DX6e without having to repeat the pairing process.

New handle system with mode switch

The DX6e's patented design allows you to change the spring configuration of your handles by simply moving the switch on the back of the transmitter. No more tools are required. Simply select the configuration that matches the mode you're using and that's it.

There are four configurations:

Linear throttle with or without detent for modes 2 and 4 (Airplane, Helicopter and Glider)
Throttle with neutral return for modes 2 and 4 (Quadcopter)
Throttle with neutral return for modes 1 and 3 (Quadcopter)
Linear throttle with or without detent for modes 1 and 3 (Airplane, Helicopter and Glider)

The switch is protected by a cover to avoid accidentally changing the configuration in flight.

General features

Aircraft, helicopter, glider and drone
Memory 250 models
Integrated telemetry
Patented stick design with spring configuration switch
Wireless training function
7 wing configurations and 6 tail configurations for airplanes
7 swashplate configurations
4 wing configurations and 3 tail configurations for gliders for glider
Flight mode setting for UAV
7-point throttle curve for airplane and helicopter
7-point pitch and tail curve for helicopter
Model sharing with other Spektrum transmitters
AR610 DSMX receiver included (SPM6650 only)
4 AA batteries included
EN328 compatible

Technical specifications

Frequency: 2.4GHz
Model memory: 250
Model type: Airplane, Helicopter, Glider and Drone
Modes: 1, 2, 3 or 4 (User selectable)
Batteries: 4 AA
Modulation: DSMX
Channels: 6
Receiver: not included
Telemetry: Yes

  • with handle / with steering wheel : with handle
  • Number of radio channels : 6