FRSKY Twin X-Lite S 24 Channels 2.4GHz dual
  • FRSKY Twin X-Lite S 24 Channels 2.4GHz dual
  • FRSKY Twin X-Lite S 24 Channels 2.4GHz dual

FRSKY Twin X-Lite S 24 Channels 2.4GHz dual

The TWIN XLite S is a powerful radio system that has two 2.4G frequencies simultaneously on the same receiver in TW mode. The active-active TW protocol is different from general active-standby redundancy solutions. With this protocol, the dual 2.4G frequency bands are active at the same time on the RF module and the TWIN series receiver. It has two internal 2.4G RF antennas mounted to provide multi-directional and wider coverage for signal transmission compared to a single antenna design. By leveraging these features, the TWIN system can provide less latency and greater reliability at faster data rates with confidence. It offers resilient RF power options up to 500mW, so this system can provide long-range monitoring over tens of kilometers.

In addition to TW mode, TWIN XLite S also supports ACCST D16, ACCESS and ELRS 2.4G (Compatible) modes, which means users can benefit from a wide range of compatible receiver options to choose from and link when building the RC model.

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General features

  • Lightweight, ergonomic and compact design
  • Sliding screen design
  • High brightness 3.5 inch matte touch screen
  • 6 adjustment buttons and 4 custom buttons in fast mode
  • 2 momentary buttons, 2 sliders and 4 switches on top
  • Lite type external module bay
  • Drillable tab for attaching radio strap
  • CNC metal gimbals with integrated high precision Hall effect sensor
  • Improved gimbal tips
  • Integrated 6-axis gyro sensor
  • Less latency, more range and more reliability at faster data rates
  • Built-in 2.4G dual-band RF module
  • Supports 4 RF protocols: ACCST D16 / ACCESS / ELRS (Compatible) / TW Mode
  • TW Mode
  • Highly resilient RF module providing two 2.4G signals running simultaneously
  • Long range control (tens of kilometers, range varies depending on RF power settings).
  • Low latency (<4ms) supporting full telemetry.
  • Built-in flash memory
  • External TF card slot for storage expansion
  • Haptic vibration alerts and voice outputs.
  • Recharging system for 2S Li-ion battery
  • High-speed wireless PARA drive system
  • ETHOS operating system
  • Multiple color options

Technical specifications

  • Dimension: 197*131*68mm(L*W*H)
  • Weight: 392g(Battery Excl.)/ 459g(Battery Incl.)
  • Operating system : ETHOS
  • Internal RF module : TW-ISRM
  • Number of channels: 24 channels
  • Operating voltage range: 6.5 ~ 8.4V (2S Li-battery)
  • Operating temperature: -10°C~60°C (14°F~140°F)
  • Battery compartment size: 68*44.5*13mm(L*W*H)
  • Data transmission and charging interface: USB Type-C
  • USB adapter voltage and current: 5V+0.2V, >2.0A
  • Built-in flash memory: 4G
  • LCD touch screen resolution: 480×320
  • Compatibility: ACCST D16 / ACCESS / ELRS(Compatible) / TW modes
  • with handle / with steering wheel : with handle
  • Number of radio channels : 24