Radio Futaba T32MZ + R7108SB 2.4GHZ 18 channels
  • Radio Futaba T32MZ + R7108SB 2.4GHZ 18 channels
  • Radio Futaba T32MZ + R7108SB 2.4GHZ 18 channels
  • Radio Futaba T32MZ + R7108SB 2.4GHZ 18 channels

Radio Futaba T32MZ + R7108SB 2.4GHZ 18 channels

New high-end FUTABA radio for experienced competitors and modelers.
The Futaba 32MZ transmitter has adopted the two-way communication system "FASSTest".
Receiver data can be checked in your transmitter thanks to telemetry.
The FASSTest is a dedicated 2.4 GHz system with a maximum of 18 channels (16-channel linear + 2-channel switch)

Radio control benefiting from the SAV France Avio & Tiger in case of need, legal warranty 2 years.

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Technical specifications:

The multiprop function can be used by using the MPDX-1 multiprop decoder sold separately.
The multiprop function is a function that divides one channel into eight channels and thus extends the number of channels.
You can use up to 2 x MPDX-1 and expand up to 32 channels as follows:
- Linear channel - 14 channels (2 channels are used by the multiprop function)
- Channel ON / OFF - 2 channels
- Multiprop channel - 16 channels
Multiprop channels have the following differences from normal linear channels.
The resolution of the multiprop channel is lower than the linear channel.
Using multiple multiprop channels simultaneously may reduce the operational response of the multiprop.
Multiprop channels cannot use the mixing function.
Using the S.Bus2 system, multiple servos, gyroscopes and telemetry sensors are easily installed with a minimum of wiring.
T32MZ uses the world famous Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7, which offers exceptional reliability and valuable resources.
The T32MZ features a backlit color HVGA (640 x 240 pixels) LCD touch screen. The display is manufactured with a transflective construction that allows for both indoor and outdoor visibility. COLOR LCD DISPLAY:
The T32MZ has a color LCD display. It will be possible to see the telemetry information separately from the main display. The sub-display uses a reflective LCD screen that provides good visibility, even outdoors. MUSIC PLAY:
The T32MZ can play WMA (Windows Media Audio) files on a microSD card. You can listen to music using the internal speaker or stereo headphones via the headphone jack. An inter can be assigned to start/stop your music.
You can record your own voice using the internal microphone, and then play back the commands assigned to certain channels. The recording time is up to 3 seconds and 24 voice files can be recorded.
Secure data (SD card):
Model data, music files, voice files and image files can be stored on an optional microSD card. The microSD card is also used when updating the software/features of the T32MZ. HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY (6600 MAH):
The high capacity Lithium Polymer battery allows you to extend your flight time.
The touch screen and two input keys allow you to edit your model in the easiest way for you.
The dual internal processors exploit the many functions of the 32MZ and optimize response time. Most of the mixing functions are handled by curves that allow for very precise adjustments.
Each axis is supported by two ball bearings. The handles have non-contact magnetic-sensing type potentiometers. This allows for finer and more precise operation. In addition, the throttle lever has an externally accessible screw adjustment that allows you to choose the detent or spring.
You can replace 4 of the slide switches located at the top right and left, with optional switches (two position, three position, momentary, etc.).
Low voltage and other alarms generate vibration. The alarms or vibrations to be used can be selected by the user.

CONTENTS of this T32MZ package :

- Futaba T32MZ Transmitter
- Futaba R7108SB Receiver
- LT1F6600B Lithium Polymer Battery and AC Adapter
- Switch
- Toolbox (includes special template for setting)
- Strap
- Aluminum Case
- French Quick Reference.


- 2.4 GHz band
- FASSTest / FASST / T-FHSS / S-FHSS system with 2 handles, 18 channels, 2.4 GHz
- Lithium-polymer power supply 3.8V L1F6600B
- RF power: 100 mW ERP
- WEIGHT (with battery): 1126 g

  • with handle / with steering wheel : with handle
  • Number of radio channels : 32