Micro digital servo Graupner DES 488BB MG (11.5g, 3.1kg.cm, 0.08s/40°)

Micro digital servo Graupner DES 488BB MG (11.5g, 3.1kg.cm, 0.08s/40°)

DES Servos (Digital-Eco-Servo) A new product range in the digital servo segment. DES servos represent a product line that delivers the right servo for almost every application with different specifications. Different sizes, gearbox designs, torque strengths and resolution times are designed for beginners to competition pilots. The fully sealed variants (screws, housing parts and output shaft pinion) increase the safety of the models. These servos are mounted on double ball bearings with precision metal and aluminum gearing which guarantee an exact resolution process. A high quality Amtel micro controller ensures the control signal processing and precise positioning of these servos.Digital Servo DES 488 BB, MGAsuitable for R/C flying models and micro helicopters.Ball bearingMetal gearing
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Technical data

Supply voltage: 4.8 ... 6.0 V
Power consumption at no load approx. 7
Power consumption at 4.8 V in mA approx. 830
Power consumption at 6.0 V in mA approx. 925
Torque at 4.8 V (Ncm) approx. 26
Torque at 6.0 V (Ncm) approx. 31
Torque at 4.8 V (Ncm) approx. 52
Torque at 6.0 V (Ncm) approx. 58
Travel with trim, approx. 2 x 45°
Resolution time at 4.8 V (Sec/40°) approx. 0.09
Resolution time at 6.0 V (Sec/40°) approx. 0.08
Weight, approx. 11.5
Gear: MG
Bearings: BB
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm approx. 23.5 x 11.5 x 27

PG = Plastic gearbox
CA = Carbonite gearbox
PB = Plain bearings
BB = Ball bearings

  • Thickness in mm (Servos) : 11.5
  • Torque in kg.cm (servos) : 3.1
  • Speed sec / 60° (servos) : 0.15
  • Pinions (servos) : Metal
  • Bearing (servos) : yes
  • Technology (sevos) : Digital
  • HV (servos) : no
  • Weight in g (servos) : 11.5