T-REX 470 L

T-REX 470 L




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H47T001XXT - 470L Tail Boom ALIGN
H47Z001XXT - 470LM Linkage Ball Set ALIGN
H47T021XXT - 470L Metal Tail Rotor Shaft Assembly ALIGN
H47F001XAT - 470L Landing Skid - Black ALIGN
H47H004AXT - 470L Counter Thread Main Linkage Rod Set ALIGN
H47B015XXT - 470L The 3rd Metal Bearing Block Set ALIGN
H47H006XXT - 470L Main Rotor Housing ALIGN
H47T010AXT - 470L Plastic Tail Belt Unit ALIGN
H47H007XXT - 470L Main Shaft Spacer ALIGN
H47T008AXT - 470L Tail Belt Feathering Shaft ALIGN
H47B012XXT - 470L Gyro Mount ALIGN
H47G005XXT - 470L One-way Bearing Shaft ALIGN
H47H008XXT - 470L Plastic Rotor Housing ALIGN
H47G007XXT - 470L M2.5 One-way Bearing Shaft ALIGN
H47T005XXT - 470L Tail Rotor Hub ALIGN
H47H009XXT - 470L Plastic Main Rotor Holder ALIGN
H47T003XXT - 470L Tail Linkage Rod ALIGN
H47H012XXT - 470L Plastic Control Arm Set ALIGN
H47B008XXT - 470L Metal Anti Rotation Bracket ALIGN
H47F001XXT - 470L Landing Skid white ALIGN
H47G006XXT - 470L M2.5 Drive Gear Mount ALIGN
H47T022XXT - 470L Tail Pitch Control Link ALIGN
H47T023XXT - 470L Belt Pulley Assembly ALIGN
H47T014XXT - 470L Plastic I-shaped Arm Set ALIGN
H47T017XXT - 470L I-shaped Arm Set ALIGN
H47T020XXT - 470L Metal I-shaped Arm ALIGN
H47G012XXT - 470LT One-way Bearing Shaft ALIGN
H47H019XXT - 470L V2 Main Rotor Holder ALIGN
HQ0743A - 74 Tail Blade ALIGN
H47Z005XXT - Feathering Shaft Bearing Washer ALIGN
H47G003XXT - 470L Metal Tail Drive Belt Pulley Assembly ALIGN
H47H005XXT - 470L Main Shaft Bearing Block ALIGN
H47G004XXT - 470L Plastic Tail Drive Belt Pulley Assembly ALIGN
H47H010XXT - 470L Swashplate Leveler ALIGN
H47T030XXT - 470L Metal Rudder Servo Mount ALIGN
H47H011XXT - 470L CCPM Metal Swashplate ALIGN
H47R001XXT - One-way Bearing ALIGN
H47T004XXT - 470L Carbon Fiber Vertical Stabilizer ALIGN
H47T006XXT - 470L Tail Rotor Holder ALIGN
H47T007AXT - 470L Tail Belt Unit ALIGN
H47T009XXT - 470L Plastic Tail Rotor Holder ALIGN
H47T011XXT - 470L Tail Boom Mount Set ALIGN
H47T012XXT - 470L Plastic Stabilizer Mount ALIGN
H47T013XXT - 470L Stabilizer Mount ALIGN
H47T015XXT - 470L Stabilizer Mount ALIGN
H47T016XXT - 470L Tail Pitch Assembly ALIGN
HQ0693C - 69 Tail Blade ALIGN-TREX-470L
HQ0693C - 69 Tail Blade
H47G010XXT - 470LT Main Drive Gear Mount ALIGN
H47Z004XXT - M2.5 Special Washer ALIGN
H47Z004XRT - M2.5 Special Washer-Red ALIGN
H47H015XXT - 470LM Metal Upgrade Set ALIGN H47H015XXT - 470LM Metal Upgrade Set ALIGN
H47H014XXT - 470L Plastic Main Rotor Holder ALIGN
H45160A - Motor Slant Thread Pinion Gear 11T ALIGN
H47B001XXT - 470L Anti Rotation Bracket ALIGN
H47H016XXT - 470L M2.5 Main Shaft Set ALIGN
H47G009XXT - 104T Autorotation Tail Drive Gear ALIGN
H47B006XXT - 470L Plastic Main Shaft Bearing Block ALIGN
H47B007XXT - 470L Canopy Mounting Bolt ALIGN
H47G011XXT - 470LT Main Gear Case Set ALIGN