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Here you can find spare parts for FMS kits and models. You can use the filters to find directly the model or the type of part you are looking for.



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FMS 10x5' propeller for Super EZ & Ranger 1.22m
15x9' FMS propeller (2 blades) for Beaver 2m
13x5' propeller (3 blades) for YAK54/SBACH342/E300 FMS
Floats for Kingfisher 1.4m FMS Floats for Kingfisher 1.4m FMS
Propeller shaft for Trainer Super EZ FMS
Propeller shaft for Olympus F3A, FF117 FMS
FMS 14x8' propellers (3 blades) for F7F (2 sets)
Propeller shaft for P-51D Drago Red 1.10m
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13x9' propeller (3 blades) for Zero green FMS
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FMS propeller 17x9' (4 blades) for P51 1.70m
Propeller for Ranger 850mm FMS
Four-blade propeller 18x11' F4U V3 1.70m FMS
Propeller shaft for predator 3635 FMS motor
11x6' propeller (3 blades) for 1400mm Cessna 182
5x3' propeller for Easy Trainer V1/V2 1280mm FMS
Predator FMS Servo Motor - PR23MGAP
14x8' F4U/P47 four-blade propeller (approx.1.45m) FMS
Predator FMS Servomotor - PR13MGDP Positive Predator FMS Servomotor - PR13MGDP Positive
13x9' propeller (3 blades) for Zero grey FMS
11x7' FMS propeller (2 blades) for Kingfisher
FMS 15x8 propeller (3 blades) for 1400mm BF109/FW190
Propeller shaft for P-51D/B 1.40m and F7F 1.70m FMS
14x8' P51B/D V7/V8 FMS four-blade propeller
Propeller shaft for PC-21 1,10m & PA-18 Super Cub 1.70m FMS
Predator FMS Servomotor - PR13MGDR Reverse Predator FMS Servomotor - PR13MGDR Reverse
Floats for Beaver V2 2.0m FMS
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FMS propeller 11x7' (2 blades) for PT17/ Beechcraft/ Waco 1.10m
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FMS 14x8' propeller (3 blades) for Pitts 1.40m
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FMS 10.5x7 propeller (3 blades) for 980mm P-39 Hells Bells
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13x9' FMS propeller (3 blades) for T-28 Red 1.40m
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FMS propeller 17x10' (4 blades) for F4U/P47 1.70m
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Brushless motor 3948--KV760 YAK54/SBACH342/ E300
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Engine cover for Beaver V2 2.00m FMS
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Cone for Typhoon FMS
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Propeller 12x7.5' (2 blades) for PA-18 Super Cub FMSPROP054
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Propeller 7.5x4 (4 blades) for P51 V2/ P47 V2/ F4U V2/ A1 V2 (approx.800mm) FMS
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FMS propeller 10x7' (5 blades) for PC-21 1,10m
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Propeller shaft for Yak54, Sbach342, Extra300, Edge 540 and Critical Mass 1100 (High Speed) FMS
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10.5x7' propeller (3 blades) for Ki-61 / Zero / Typhoon FMS
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Cone for Beaver 2.00m FMS
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