GWS Slow Fly

GWS Slow Fly

GWS Slow Fly


Type Hélice

Matières Hélices

Diamètre Hélice

1 - 13

Pas Hélices

4 - 10

Sens de rotation Hélices

Hélice Repliable


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GWS 8x4.3' propeller
GWS 9x4.7' propeller
GWS 7x6' propeller
propeller GWS 6x5' reverse
propeller GWS 10x4,7'.
Set of 5 Indoor GWS 8x4,3' Propellers (Multiplex)
GWS 6x5' propeller
Indoor Propeller GWS EP 8x4' HD (2 pcs)
  • -8%
GWS 9x7' propeller
GWS 8x6' propeller
propeller GWS Slow Fly 13x6.5