After Run 100ml Labema

After Run 100ml Labema

Use: Indispensable in 4T aircraft engines (except YAMADA), it is to be injected through the breather after the flight sessions. Stir the propeller well to impregnate the bearings. (Reminder, 4T engines DO NOT LUBRICATE THE LOWER ENGINE, hence the rusting of the bearings, especially with certain synthetic oils)
For car engines, injected after the races, it protects the engine from corrosion, cleans the upper engine, and helps eliminate carbon deposits for those who use fuels that "char". New capacity: 100ml

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Advantage : Protection of the engines during the phases of rest, in particular all the lower engine.

Its detergent power contributes to clean the engines " charbonne "
Spark plug remaining " quite brilliant "
Mirror polishing of the liners/piston
It is an excellent oil of reassembly, perfectly compatible with our fuels

Advice : To be used to clean the engine when changing fuel. Indeed the chemistry of our fuels is "special" and not compatible with some after run or fuel other than LABEMA. Formation of brownish deposits... !
Just rinse the engine with our LABEMA After Run, and you can use all the fuels of the range without worries.