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DJI Mini 2
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DJI Mini 2

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A foldable drone and a 12MP camera ultra-performance

With less than 250 grams on the scale, the DJI Mini 2 is easy to carry with its foldable arms and its reduced dimensions, 138 x 81 x 58 mm (folded) / 159 x 203 x 56 mm (unfolded). Take it everywhere with you in your backpack or in your pocket! This is the smallest drone designed by DJI and probably the smallest drone on the market offering such video/photo capabilities.

With its 1 / 2.3" CMOS f/2.8 sensor, the camera of the DJI Mini 2 is capable of taking 12MP photographs and 4K 24/25 and 30p videos. Its FOV of 83° is perfectly adapted to aerial photography with a focus between 0.5 m and infinity.

Its small size makes it extremely discreet: it is therefore a great ally to capture the beauty of a landscape without disturbing the local fauna and flora. You can take it everywhere with you to share your life and offer a unique perspective to your community on social networks.

DJI has injected new technologies into its DJI Mini 2 and much more powerful components. Among the main ones, we will highlight the following 4:

The addition of OcuSync 2.0

Already available in many drones of the brand, the OcuSync 2.0 is the radio and video transmission system that offers a range (about 6 km) formidable in addition to providing a smooth and responsive video return at 1080p 30p.

4K video capture at 30 frames per second

The DJI Mini 2 offers the ability to film in 4K 24/25 and 30p. You can also film in 2.7K 24/25/30p and Full HD 24/25/30/48/50 and 60p. We find a CMOS sensor 1/2.3 inch that delivers 12 megapixels but it has been optimized to raise the image quality. It is the first mini-drone capable of filming in 4K in the world!

An effective zoom without loss of quality

Very useful especially for high and low angle shots, the DJI Mini 2 has a digital zoom x4 in FullHD, x3 in 2.7K and x2 in 4K. Even when using the zoom you will not lose quality as the CMOS sensor of the drone is efficient. You will be able to compose your photos and videos easily without having to move the drone to get the perfect shot.

A redesigned radio control

With its design derived from the DJI Mavic Air 2 radio, the DJI Mini 2's radio control has significant advantages: smartphones above the control sticks and not below (easier to read video feedback), antennas integrated into the housing and greatly improved ergonomics. It also features the powerful radio transmitter since it is the OcuSync 2.0 system!

A great autonomy and 6 km range

The propulsion of the DJI Mini 2 drone is ultra-efficient. Able to fly for 31 minutes to achieve all your aerial plans, the DJI Mini 2 takes advantage of foldable arms and propellers that make the flights very quiet.

Light and foldable, the radio control offers a range of 6000 meters (it is however necessary to respect the regulations in force). The radio control is capable of automatically switching frequencies when the signal weakens: 2.4 and 5.8 GHz.

Intelligent flight modes

These "auto" modes allow the drone to perform a series of actions and autonomous movements. You will be able to focus your attention on the composition of your photo/video and will be able to take control at any time.

QuickShots: these are automatic modes, you will only have to select the one of your choice and a few parameters such as direction, height etc. and the drone will do everything else;
Cine Smooth: this mode can be activated from the remote control and allows you to slow down the movements of the drone and the camera to obtain soft images and all the more suitable for cinematic shots.

DJI Fly, an application optimized for the DJI Mini 2

DJI offers you an optimized application, DJI Fly, to pilot the DJI Mini 2 and increase your sensations tenfold while improving your immersive experience.

In addition to live video feedback, this application allows you to operate the drone's features, to take photos/videos and even upload them live to social networks.

DJI Fly will offer you to add filters and music to your shots. DJI Fly's AI (artificial intelligence) will even allow you to automatically improve the colors of a photograph. Its QuickTransfer function allows you to automatically transfer the data on the drone directly to your smartphone at 20 Mb/s.

Finally, the application includes creative video templates. All you have to do is choose the shots and the AI will do the final editing for a stunning result!

Who is the DJI Mini 2 for?

The DJI Mini 2 will be particularly aimed at amateur/experienced videographers who want to take impressive photos and aerial videos with a "pocket" drone.

Its 12MP 4K camera will sublimate all your creations with an unequalled versatility. This drone is a small revolution in the world of DJI compact drones. Easy to handle, it is very interesting in this Fly More Combo pack which contains many accessories that extend the creative possibilities!

Product content

1 x DJI Mini 2 Drone
1 x Radio control
1 x Intelligent battery
1 x Pair of additional propellers
1 x USB Type-C charging cable
1 x MicroUSB connection cable
1 x Lightning connection cable
1 x USB Type-C connection cable
1 x Pair of additional joysticks
6 x Additional screws
1 x Screwdriver
Warranty: 24 months