Aircraft Ecotop Bidule 55 V3 ARF approx.2.46m
  • Aircraft Ecotop Bidule 55 V3 ARF approx.2.46m
  • Aircraft Ecotop Bidule 55 V3 ARF approx.2.46m
  • Aircraft Ecotop Bidule 55 V3 ARF approx.2.46m
  • Aircraft Ecotop Bidule 55 V3 ARF approx.2.46m

Aircraft Ecotop Bidule 55 V3 ARF approx.2.46m

The Bidule 55 from Ecotop is an excellent tug : its reputation is well established in this discipline ! But you can also get your hands on it in aerobatics. Its low wing loading, robust landing gear, large efficient flaps and double fin will allow you to land on short grassy fields, even in windy conditions. The wings have a 2.5° dihedral, which ensures the Bidule has good heading control and is very easy to turn.

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What has changed on the V3?

  • A new fiberglass engine cover has been installed to improve aerodynamics and give the nose a more tapered profile.
  • A new nose gear with a gas shock absorber is provided and improves ground maneuvering on rough strips.
  • A new main landing gear also improves taxiing on rough terrain and exhibits exceptional "anti-bounce" qualities on landing.
  • A very strong yet light carbon fiber wing key is now provided.
  • A new decoration with new colors and logos has been designed.
  • In addition, many improvements and details have been made to the airframe.

Technical characteristics

  • Wingspan : 2.46m
  • Length : 1.80m
  • Wing area: 91dm²
  • Weight in flight: 8.5 - 9.0 Kg
  • Wing profile : NACA 2414
  • Motorization : from 35 to 60 cc 2T
  • RC functions: rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, tow hook (optional), engine

Contents of the kit

QUICK BUILD KIT (15-20 hours of assembly only!)

  • Fuselage fully built in CTP-balsa structure and Oracover® canvas with factory installed decoration. Wing key sleeve installed - Triangulation done at the factory. All captive nuts for gear, wing and stab attachment are in place.
  • Fiberglass engine cowling, painted.
  • Smoked transparent PVC bubble finished and with fastening system installed.
  • Painted fiberglass main gear. Special heavy-duty damped and steerable nose gear. Special steering system with new "Servo-saver" system.
  • Wings in Oracover® structure (2 parts). Fin and landing flaps finished with stick hinges installed to glue. Decoration done at the factory. Tie rod installed. Aileron and flap servo plates prepared. Servo cable ties passed through the wing.
  • Carbon tubular wing key.
  • Oracover® canvas tailplane structure with rudders completed, stick hinges installed, to be glued. Removable drifts, captive nuts installed.
  • Accessories (wheels, wheel axles, towing hooks, fiberglass horns, treated steel quick links, ball joints, screws, etc.).
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions illustrated.

Additional information:

  • The tricycle landing gear (particularly robust) has been developed especially for this new aircraft. With its extra wide gear track and maximum wheelbase between the nose gear and the main gear, it is ideal for the many take-offs and landings that take place during a towing day.
  • The ground clearance with a 22" diameter two-blade propeller is now about 90mm.
  • The engine is mounted flat on a very strong aviation PTC firewall. The resonators pass thus perfectly under the fuselage.
  • For aesthetics, a fiberglass engine cover (delivered painted) envelops the engine without sacrificing the cooling, essential on this kind of machine.
  • The smoked canopy mounted on its bucket can be easily removed, uncovering the entire top of the fuselage from the firewall to the towing hook (supplied in the kit). Excellent for maintenance!
  • The 2-piece wings (carbon fiber key) are equipped with ailerons and powerful landing flaps for fast and accurate landings.
  • They have a 2.5° dihedral (per wing) which ensures the BIDULE an unequalled handling and ease of turning.
  • The tailplane is removable, the 2 vertical stabilizer servos are integrated in the thickness of the profile and are accessible through hatches.
  • The vertical stabilizers are also removable by 4 screws (with captive nuts).
  • Thanks to the lightness of the airframe, it can be powered with engines from 35cc for those who practice towing in an occasional way up to hyper powerful engines of 60cc for the pros!
  • As mentioned above, although the Bidule was originally designed as a professional towing machine, as a recreational aircraft, its ability to perform smooth and flowing aerobatics will allow you to "get your kicks"!
  • In addition, its low wing loading, large and powerful flaps, sturdy landing gear and dual fin configuration allow this model to be used on short and sketchy fields, and even with strong crosswinds.

  • Span in meters : 2,46
  • Type of aircraft kit : Kit to equip
  • Material : Wood